Best Business Presentation Books of the Year!

One of the Best Presentation books of 2013
Best Business Presentation Books

It occurred to me to compile a list of the best business presentation books for readers of this blog so as to launch an especially powerful new year.

It’s really an obvious exercise, isn’t it?

“Best of” lists are always popular.

And could be better than a compendium of the best books chock full of presentation wisdom to hone our skill set?

Great advice to lift our presentation to what we all sometimes refer to as “the next level.”

And then the equally obvious thought occurred to me – that list already exists.

The Best Business Presentation Books

In fact, I’m certain that several lists are already out there making the rounds.

And so I do the next best thing in this space . . .

I’ve sifted through I offer you a take from a fellow by the name of Dan Roam.  Earlier this year, Dan offered his own perspective on what makes for great presentations, and I share that with you here.

I’m a fan of anyone who wants to improve our public speaking skills and does so in an entertaining and accessible way.  Dan does this well, so have a look . . . and consider his recommendations on the best business presentation books!

Yes, you can learn something about business presenting from a book.

Quite a bit, actually.

The trick is to find the right book.

Top 3 Best Business Presentation Books

My personal favorites are Presenting to Win, by Jerry Weissman and Slide:ology, by Nancy Duarte, The Story Factor, by Annette Simmons.

These three books, for me, capture the spirit, the art, and the craft of especially powerful business presenting.

They advocate change.

You must actually change the way your deliver your presentations in ways that, at first, may discomfort you.  This should be an obvious point, but it escapes many folks.

We say we want to improve, but almost all of us really want to keep on doing what we’re already doing . . . and be told that it’s fine.

But if our presenting is unsatisfactory, then we really must change.

And these are changes that you must accept to become an especially powerful business presenter.

Best Presentation Books for 2013
Best Presentation Books . . . this one on PowerPoint Slides

The Story Factor, in particular, is strong in transforming your presentations into sturdy narratives that capture an audience and propel your listeners to action.  Consult Annette Simmons for deep learning about the power of storytelling.

A fourth book does not appear on the list.  Actually, it does, but only in a modified form.  This is Dale Carnegie’s The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking.  This is an “updated” version of his classic from mid-way the last century Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business.  In my view, the update strips much useful material from the book, and so I prefer the original.

You can find dozens of copies of the original classic for sale on ebay.  This, in my opinion, is the most useful public speaking book ever penned.

Best Business Presentation books
Best Presentation Book on Storytelling

If I were forced to choose one . . . this would be it.  And My Book?

My own The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting, does not appear on any list of best business presentation books, and I’m sure that’s just an oversight.

And so here I offer the most generous and self-aggrandizing interpretation possible . . . it just hasn’t circulated among the cognoscenti nearly enough to have created a buzz-worthy impact.

I know that you, as do I, eagerly await its appearance on next year’s “Best of” list.

Forward to 2015 . . . may you feel especially powerful and experience only good gestalt!