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Your Business Presentation GuideThe Complete Guide to Business School Presenting reveals the secrets that professors won’t tell you . . . and the secrets that senior corporate executives simply don’t know.

Dr. Stanley K. Ridgley, of Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business, engages especially powerful instructional techniques from one of America’s great business schools and combines them with the lessons of military leadership and high strategy learned on the front lines of the Cold War as a Military Intelligence Officer.  The result is a masterpiece of business school wisdom and practicality.

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Book Award

“A brilliantly warm, witty, spot-on book that will be the one of the best books ever read by business students.  The tools, tips, best practices provided here will continue to guide students not just through the challenges of making business school presentations, but in their professional careers as well . . . where the ability to influence is key to opening the professional opportunities.”

Dawn K DePasquale, Ph.D, Chief Learning Officer, American University, Washington, DC


The Complete Guide is a unique and distinctive contribution to management literature.  A stunning effort in a neglected area!  I will be really surprised if it does not become a rage amongst B-School students.  I see great advice in it – comprehensive, direct, and full of empathy and warmth for the young MBA student, as also for anyone who cares about learning and performing better in the world of organizations.”

M.N. Rao, CEO of Tata Business Support Services, Hyderabad, India


“The way you stand, the way you speak, and the way you present yourself in your business presentation make all the difference in the way you can convince others and be understood by others in the business world.  The Complete Guide shows do’s and don’ts of business presentations in a very succinct and straightforward way.  It is a must read for all business students and practitioners who want to improve their presentation skill.”

Masaaki Kotabe, PhD, The Washburn Chair Professor of International Business and Marketing, Temple University

The business presentation guide identifies the seven verities of speaking that form the bedrock of especially powerful presenting in the 21st century.  Verities that imbue any speaker with dynamism, energy and confidence: stance, voice, gesture, expression, movement, appearance and passion.  These presentation techniques transform a your professional life and ignite your potential for landing a higher position.  They distinguish you from the vast majority of your competitors.

* Learn the Seven Secrets of Superior Speaking

* Command the Stage as a Powerful Presenter

* Acquire Confidence and Presence

* Learn to present SWOT, PEST, Five Forces and Value Chain Analysis

* Earn Higher Grades

* Become a Masterful and Persuasive Storyteller

* Win Case Competitions

* Elevate yourself into the Corporate High Demand Skill Zone

This comprehensive business presentation guide also demonstrates how to utilize business analysis tools:  “SWOT,” “PEST,” “Value Chain Analysis” and “Five Forces.”  It shows you how to work seamlessly and effectively with PowerPoint to deliver concise and persuasive presentations.

Winner in the Business: Careers category of The 2012 USA Best Book Awards, sponsored by USA Book News

The guide helps you overcome the challenges of working as a group and guarantees that you deliver an especially powerful group presentation every time – a requirement of all business students, and a highly sought-after skill among corporate recruiters.

As a bonus, a section is devoted to preparing for case competitions – a source of prestige and a major rite of passage for business majors and MBAs.

If you’re searching for a success manual to guide you through the uncharted waters of business school, you just found the ultimate business presentation guide – The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting.

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