. . . from Hong Kong

Many folks do not realize that the skill set of business presenting can serve them well in many situations outside the formal business presentation.

I am compelled to write about this now, as I sit in the Hong Kong International Airport, because of a recent and amazing online exchange.

Just when I think that most folks get it, something happens to explode those high hopes.  Here, I refer to how you present yourself to the outside world in professional venues – especially those venues that hold possibilities for professional advancement.  Language, dress, attitude, grammar, even-keeled composure . . . all of it make much more of a difference than you can possibly imagine.

This would seem common sense.

But no, some folks get so wrapped around the axle, get so absorbed in themselves that they forget that they are on display for the world to judge.  Now, if you don’t care what the “world” thinks, great!

But if you recognize the linkages, possibilities, unseen treasure, then you won’t alienate folks with . . .     Well, with untoward behavior that leaves folks entertained, but wondering at your grip on sanity.

More later as I flesh out the breathtaking self-absorbed and unselfaware commentary I’ve been privy to . . . now, the battery on laptop gets low, my flight to Singapore is about to board, and my greetings to you for success and prosperity go out now until I find time to post from the City of the Lion.