Cosmopolitan MBA Business Presenting – India

It’s my privilege to not only travel a great many miles to special places, but also to work with some of the brightest young people of the latest generation who constitute the finest business leaders of tomorrow.

And the new cadres of great MBA business presenting.

MBA business presenting
Powerful MBA business presenting is the key to competitive advantage

Take India, for instance.

Today, I fly to Mumbai for two weeks of working with MBA students at the Welingkar Institute of Management.

India is a potential economic powerhouse, whose engine of domestic and international commerce is only just starting.

With incredible knowledge resource capability and government that finally recognizes the power of individual initiative and the economic benefits that accrue from relaxing regulation, India is set for an economic renaissance that will stagger the world when its gears finally engage.

MBA students at Welingkar, many of whom appear on this page, show a drive, determination, optimism, and coachability that should be the envy of the world.  My lecturing has also taken me to Lonavala, to the iFEEL institute, where equally motivated young people pursue their graduate degrees.

Powerful MBA Business Presenting

Inquisitive and cosmopolitan to a startling degree, these young people are poised to enter middle-management as a sage class of entrepreneurial knowledge workers.

They are steeped in the latest management techniques.

Lonavala, home of iFEEL Institute
Lonavala, home of iFEEL Institute

They are armed with the techniques of especially powerful MBA business presenting that confer unmatched competitive advantage.

I’d go so far as to say that they constitute a new cadre of global executives, a new breed of 21st Century Managers.  Unencumbered with notions held over from the industrial revolution.

And, of course, they see the power inherent in superb MBA business presenting, which translates into especially powerful personal competitive advantage.

They constitute a cadre imbued with the qualities of:

        • Technical Proficiency
        • Flexibility and Adaptability
        • Cosmopolitan Outlook
        • Cultural Competence
        • Team-work orientation
        • Personal and Professional Aligned Strategic Focus

The rest of the business world should take note.

India is an economic giant that no longer sleeps.

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MBA business presenting is the key to competitive advantagePowerful MBA business presenting is the key to competitive advantage

MBA business presenting is key