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Business PresentationsStanley K. Ridgley, PhD is one of the country’s foremost experts on delivering Business School Presentations and is the author of The Complete Guide to Business School Presenting, the authoritative guide to delivering powerful business presentations in the nation’s business schools.

There is no better way to gain more personal competitive advantage than by developing superb presenting skills.

Dr. Ridgley can transform any student into a capable and powerful business presenter, helping you tap potential, recognize talents, and imbue yourself with confidence.

Dr. Ridgley brings to bear the most powerful instructional techniques from one of America’s great business schools and combines them with the lessons of military leadership and high strategy learned on the front lines of the Cold War as a Military Intelligence Officer.

  • Learn the Seven Secrets of Superior Speaking
  • Command the Stage as a Powerful Presenter
  • Become an Especially Powerful Corporate Storyteller
  • Acquire Confidence and Presence
  • Conquer Stage Fright
  • Earn Higher Grades
  • Win Case Competitions
  • Move into the Corporate High Demand Skill Zone™

“Some folks dabble in executive coaching and general ‘communication’ and offer an unfocused menu of options to virtually everyone from 19 to 90.  I specialize and offer only one service, and I believe it to be the best in the nation – teaching power presenting skills to business school students.  Let’s debunk the myth that these are soft skills.  These are not ‘soft skills’ or something that can be ‘picked up’ somewhere along the way.

“There are verities in delivering the especially powerful business presentation that are not ‘matters of opinion,’ and these skills are utterly essential for business success. It’s all about the energy . . . how to harness your energy and propel you to success in an increasingly competitive business world and into the Corporate High Demand Skill Zone.™”     — Dr. Ridgley

As presentation coach for teams of business students, Dr. Ridgley coached the winning teams for Target Corporation’s annual Business Case Competition at Temple University in 2010 and 2009 and coached Welingkar Institute’s MBA team’s winning presentation in the All-India Management Association’s 2009 National Competition.

The International Business Presentation

He has lectured on how to deliver powerful business presentations to executives and students at Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Tata Business Services, Welingkar Institute of Management, the National Management School of Chennai, the International Visitors Council and World Affairs Council of Philadelphia.

Dr. Ridgley is Associate Professor of Management at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business.  He holds a Doctorate and Masters in International Relations and Security from Duke University and an International MBA from Temple University.  He has also studied at Moscow State University and the Institut de Gestion Sociale in Paris.

Dr. Ridgley teaches courses on Global Business Policies, International Business, Competitive Intelligence, and Strategic Business Presentations and has lectured and presented widely in the United States, Russia, India, France, Singapore, and Colombia.  Hundreds of college students and businessmen have heard Dr. Ridgley’s dynamic lectures on Strategy, Leadership, and Globalization.

A former Military Intelligence Officer, Dr. Ridgley served five years in West Berlin and near the Czech-German border, where he received the George S. Patton Award for Leadership from the 7th Army in Bad Toelz, West Germany.

Every person has the power and potential to become a charismatic, confident, and powerful business presenter.  Let me show you how.  I personally guarantee that Business School Presenting™ will transform you into the Extraordinary Person you were meant to be!”     — Dr. Ridgley

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